For Referring Physicians

For Referring Physicians

Thank you for choosing St. Anthony’s Heart Specialty Associates for your patients' cardiovascular needs. We treat your referral as the highest compliment, and look forward to providing excellent and personalized care to your patient. We employ expert cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and electrophysiologists ready to care for your patients.

We offer cardiology, electrophysiology and a variety of testing services at three convenient locations throughout the St. Louis area.

Why choose us?

  • Same- and next-day office appointments available when requested by our referring physicians
  • Physicians are all board-certified/board-eligible 
  • A cardiologist is available in the hospital every day of the week for hospital consults and procedures on a stat-type basis
  • Collaborative care with our referring physicians, with communication as a key component
  • 24/7 coverage by a Heart Specialty Associates cardiologist
  • Results faxed within 24 business hours, positive tests called to ordering provider
  • A cardiologist is in the office Monday through Friday for your questions
  • “Testing only” appointments available when a cardiology consult is not yet needed
  • Three convenient locations in Sappington (St. Anthony’s Medical Center), Shrewsbury and Kirkwood
  • The only vein center in Missouri accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)
  • Our testing areas all are accredited through the IAC
  • We accept most major insurance plans

Special Procedures

  • A full range of cardiovascular diagnostic and interventional procedures 
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
  • MitraClip mitral valve repair
  • Beating heart surgery
  • Minimally-invasive valve surgery
  • Chronic Total Occlusions 

If insurance requires a referral, please fax insurance referral to 314-842-4372 for cardiology and cardiothoracic services or 314-991-0727 for electrophysiology services.

To go above and beyond for scheduling tests ordered by PCPs and other offices, schedulers work as a team with the insurance pre-certification department, physicians, nurse practitioners and testing.

Schedulers do everything possible to get the patient scheduled for the test within the time requested by the ordering physician. They never turn patients away or tell them that they can’t meet during that timeframe.

  • If there is no opening for the test, the scheduler contacts testing. Testing, therefore, does everything possible to get that patient scheduled within that time frame; sometimes Mimi’s assistance is required.
  • If the patient needs a test ASAP, sometimes insurance can be an issue. The pre-certification and referrals department within HSA do everything possible to get the test approved in order for the patient to have the test.
    • Every once in a while, a test cannot get approved and the physicians and nurse practitioners get involved and perform peer-to-peers with the insurance company in order to have the patient tested for what is needed.

Schedulers do everything possible to accommodate the patient’s schedule. If the patient requests certain dates, days, or times, the patient typically gets scheduled for that request.